Cleaning Services


Each evening, The Roch Hotel & Spa offers you a turndown service between 6pm and 10pm. Our team will arrange your room according to your wishes. They are committed in making your stay unforgettable and with the highest standards. 

Special Request

Room Refresh

Should you need your room cleaned or your sheets changed, please let our staff know. We will gladly send your housekeeper to assist you promptly.

Shoe Shine

Please give us information about your order, confirm your order and set your shoes in the entry way of your room.

Garment Care

Call on our services to take care of your laundry! Whether for bleaching, dry cleaning and / or ironing, we would love to take care of your wardrobe.

You will find a sheet of linen to fill and laundry bags to put your clothes in, in the closet of your room. Please call reception to let us know of your request.

We offer normal service and express service  (+ 30%) from Monday to Saturday, and Sunday and public holidays service (+ 50%). You will find the price list below. Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.  

Monday through Saturday
Regular service: items collected before 09:00 a.m. will be returned by 07:00 p.m.
Express service + 30%: items collected before 09:00 a.m. will be returned by 01:00 p.m and items collected before 01:00 p.m. will be returned by 07:00 p.m.

Sunday and bank holidays
Regular service + 50%: items collected before 11:00 a.m. will be returned by 07:00 p.m.

The hotel is not responsible for any shrinking of clothing, fading or discoloration, loss of buttons or unclaimed items 6 months after the pick-up date. In case of loss, the hotel can be liable up to an amount equal to 10 times the value of the service billed by the hotel for the lost item. Please list the quantity for each article in the guest count’s column. If not itemized, the hotel count will have to be accepted.

Price List